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Re: Dramatic upgrade (was active URLs in Gnus)

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Re: Dramatic upgrade (was active URLs in Gnus)
Date: 09 Nov 2003 11:51:15 +0100
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On 08 Nov 2003, David Kastrup wrote:

>  Tim McNamara <> writes:


> > I feel like I've suddenly come out of the Bronze Age or something!
> > Long term users may not quite recall the sense of amazement that one
> > gets after changing from standard-issue GUI word processors and such
> > to something with the power that Emacs has.  Yikes!
>  If you want to see impressive screen shots of the new display engine
>  in useful action, take a look at
>  <URL:>.

Maybe not so impressive as preview-latex but in the Screenshots-section of
ECB at there is a further example what is possible
with the new display engine - see the left/top-most screenshot


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