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Re: german ispell problems

From: LEE Sau Dan
Subject: Re: german ispell problems
Date: 10 Nov 2003 17:58:47 +0100
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>>>>> "os" == Oliver Scholz <> writes:

    os> This doesn't provide enough information to dare a
    os> diagnosis. What are your specific ispell settings in you
    os> .emacs (or in a system wide configuration file)?  What are
    os> your language settings?  Do you use Latin-1/UTF-8 or Latin-9
    os> (if that is possible with LaTeX)

It   is!   I've   just  tried   it  yesterday.    Just  a   matter  of
"\usepackage[latin9]{inputenc}".  That's teTeX 1.0.2.

Lee Sau Dan                     李守敦(Big5)                    ~{@nJX6X~}(HZ) 

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