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Re: Q: Configuring Tramp on WinNT

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Q: Configuring Tramp on WinNT
Date: 11 Nov 2003 08:05:42 +0200

> From: "Jack Saba" <>
> Newsgroups:
> Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 16:30:55 -0500
> plink is set up. I can use plink from a shell window to connect, and I can 
> connect in an Emacs shell buffer using plink-ssh after typing in a password. 
> However, although it does work, the following shows up in the Emacs plink 
> connection buffer:
> "The server's host key is not cached in the registry. You
> have no guarantee that the server is the computer you
> think it is.
> The server's key fingerprint is:
> If you trust this host, enter "y" to add the key to
> PuTTY's cache and carry on connecting."
> Unfortunately, plink continues on without giving me a chance to
> answer y or n.

The solution to this is simple: configure PuTTY to have a session for
the server into which you want to login with Tramp, so that you never
have to type the user name or the pass phrase during the login
process.  Don't forget to have paegeant running at all times with the
key loaded into it.

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