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Re: How to put together a home computer with GNU/Linux

From: Dan Anderson
Subject: Re: How to put together a home computer with GNU/Linux
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 23:10:05 -0500

> a. How would you put together a home computer with GNU/Linux ?...

There are computer manufacturers who create computers specifically
designed to support Linux, like:

Basically you want to google for "Component Linux" for every component
you put in the computer to see if there are drivers for it and/or it's

> b. What manufacturers components would you look to in assembling a
>    computer with GNU/Linux ?...

Generally speaking, the bigger the manufacturer the more likely they are
to support it (or it will be supported by the community).  NVidia
supports their Video cards directly, as does Intel (Think Ethernet card)
and sound blasters are supported.  IDE Drives are standard -- so not
really much needed.  That's your basic workstation right there.

> I've heard that the best is knoppix.

Knoppix is a distribution of Linux that is no longer in production due
to the European patents SNAFU.  Distributions have pro's and cons.  For
instance, Knoppix is run off of the CD so every time you reboot your
computer you have to recreate your settings (not entirely true -- but
you can't install a program without remastering the CD!)

If you want to use Knoppix because of ease of use and ease of
configuration you might want to check out Mandrake Linux, RedHat, or SuSe.  If you don't want any
hand holding you might want something like Slackware or Debian.


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