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Re: w3 under development or not?

From: Shane
Subject: Re: w3 under development or not?
Date: 14 Nov 2003 09:12:33 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.2 (Björn Lindström) writes:

> Joe Corneli <> writes:
> > Anyone working on w3 stuff?
> That's a very good question.
> > Like
> >
> > * not causing emacs to hang while looking for a server
> That's a problem with Emacs not being multi-threaded, rather than
> w3. You can expect this kind of behaviour to disappear some time after
> Emacs has finally been ported to Guile.

I know this is slightly off-topic, but I have the same problem when I
download my email under GNUs. It hangs for a long time while 50 of the
latest "Microsoft Internet Security patches" or other crap are
retrieved. During this wait, I would prefer to be working in a another
Emacs window, but Emacs won't accept any input.

As suggested, is it a "design feature" of Emacs rather than
configuration problem?

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