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Re: w3 under development or not?

From: Peter Lee
Subject: Re: w3 under development or not?
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 17:40:16 GMT
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>>>> Ted Zlatanov writes:

    Ted> This is a really dangerous recommendation.  If you just want
    Ted> to eliminate executable attachments, which you seem to be
    Ted> trying to do, use something like this Procmail recipe:

    Ted> or install a program designed for that purpose,
    Ted> e.g. SpamAssassin.  

Are those tools able to delete on the server?  If so, and they work on
windows, and are fairly simple to set up, I'll have a look.

    Ted> Matching regular expressions against the subject is risky -

I agree.  I wouldn't use it on an important account.

    Ted> are you sure you will never want to find out about security
    Ted> packages, or receive mail from people at Microsoft?

On this particular account, I'm positive.

But your point is well taken.

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