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Re: w3 under development or not?

From: Peter Lee
Subject: Re: w3 under development or not?
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 22:39:24 GMT
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>>>> Ted Zlatanov writes:

    Ted> There are many, many such tools.  For Unix mail servers the
    Ted> options are plentiful and a simple web search will turn them
    Ted> up.  I don't use Windows mail servers but I'm sure similar
    Ted> tools exist for them.

After a brief look at Procmail and SpamAssassin, I don't see how they
solve the problem.  Installing either locally still results in the
mail being pulled down my small pipe from swbell.  The only benefit I
see to them is if your mail client either:
a) doesn't have spam support
b) retrieves mail in a synchronous fashion

Neither a or b apply to Outlook.  Unfortunately b does apply to Gnus
which is my preferred client.

So I could use one of those to prevent Gnus from locking up while
retrieving 20-80 of those patches, but they will still have to come
down my connection, potentially when I'm doing something important
like playing Half-life or Quake.

I suppose I could lobby for swbell to install SpamAssassin.  But then
I'm dependent on someone else setting up rules that could potentially
cost me a valid email now and again.  They'd never do it anyway.

What would be cool is if (in Gnus) you could download mail headers
only first... run through spam processor... then only download valid
mail, and reprocess again including body.  The spam would still show
up in spam group, possibly annotated to show that only the headers
have been retrieved on some (hopefully most).  If you moved it to a
ham group it would then fetch the mail, otherwise it would be expired
and on expiry be deleted from the server the next time you asked for

It would be slower, but not as slow as downloading 20-80 of those

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