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Re: Emacs newbie - Syntax Highlighting and Indentation

From: David Rasmussen
Subject: Re: Emacs newbie - Syntax Highlighting and Indentation
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 00:15:34 +0100
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Peter S Galbraith wrote:

I'm a little disappointed (but not surprised) that everyone replying
so far says to edit the .emacs file.

The simple and user-friendly answer is to use the Options menu, enable
Syntax Highlighting and then Save Options.

I'm also encouraging new users to use the custom interface rather than
scaring them with elisp edits.

I agree completely that there's no need to do things the hard way, if there is an easy way. I have nothing against menu systems and such that makes a program more user-friendly. The only reason I wanted to know "the hard way", is that one of my reasons for learning emacs is that I want to learn to use a powerful editor that is likely to be available on all sorts of system, even if I am only logging in with ssh etc. And I can't be certain that there is this nice menu on all the other systems that I might use emacs on. So I want to learn to use emacs "platform independantly". I know that there are other editors that fills the bill, but I haven't found one that felt natural to me. I have tried hard to learn vim, but it all disappears again. Maybe the same will happen with emacs, I don't know. Maybe I should write my own editor :)


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