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Re: OT spamfilter

From: A . L . Meyers
Subject: Re: OT spamfilter
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 21:07:27 +0100
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Harry Putnam <> writes:

> A. L. Meyers <> writes:
>> Hi!  Many of the M$ security patches are bogus spam.  To stop such
>> things from getting to your disk you might like to use a spam filter,
>> e. g. mailfilter, works nicely with fetchmail.
> Can you enlarge here please... maybe a little explanation or URLS?

Simple, stupid and lazy, I just installed the Debian GNU/Linux packages
and read parts of the docs.  One just adds new spam domains to
~/.mailfilterrc .  And use gnus-junk-complain.el to help the operators
of big mail services like yahoo (often forged by spammers) attack those
evil perpetrators of spam.

Using the search items mailfilter and fetchmail with Google at com will take you to the right websites.


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