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Re: Emacs newbie - Syntax Highlighting and Indentation

From: Artur Hefczyc
Subject: Re: Emacs newbie - Syntax Highlighting and Indentation
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 10:47:22 +0100
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David Rasmussen <> writes:

> Thanks to everyone. As an aside, let me just mention that emacs for windows 
> must
> somehow be cygwin-aware. When I start emacs from a normal Windows command 
> prompt
> or from a shortcut, it saves .emacs in c:\
> But if I start emacs from cygwin (no, I do not have emacs for cygwin 
> installed,
> it _is_ the same emacs I am starting from cygwin, that I started from the
> command prompt and the desktop just before), it saves .emacs in
> c:\cygwin\home\david\

I use the second way of 2 above - regular NTEmacs ran from cygwin
I suggest to write simple windows script starting always emacs under
cat > startemacs.bat
set HOME="c:/cygwin/home/david"
set PATH="c:/cygwin/bin;c:/cygwin/usr/bin;"%HOME%
cd %HOME%

Or something like above.
It has many advantages over emacs in 'pure' windows environment. It
then can use all cygwin tools like bash, sed, grep, diff and others.

Look in my article mentioned in earlier post, it should contain more
detailed info about this.

Artur Hefczyc, Open Source Developer:

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