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Re: Ctrl-SPC suspends emacs under Cygwin

From: Stephen D Lindner
Subject: Re: Ctrl-SPC suspends emacs under Cygwin
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 16:16:06 -0500

I've spent the day trying to rebind c-x c-c to try to fix this rather
severe problem.
They broke emacs so you can't exit it in cygwin anymore...unless you
I wonder if this is somebody's subliminal way to keep PC users from
trying to use all the nice unix tools.
c-c seems to have been bound to c-g.

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003 21:31:01 -0400, Khalid Sheta <>

>Just installed emacs 21.2.1 that comes with Cygwin on my WIN 2000 machine.
>Invoking emacs where it pops in its own X window (I have exceed running) works 
>fine with full emacs bells and wistles.
>But, I want emacs -nw to work in the current window:
>  - If I do: emacs -nw in the current cygwin consol window (TERM= cygwin)
>    The C-c char ALWAYS maps to  keyboard-quit, i.e. equivalent to C-g
>  - If I fire an xterm window, everything works perfect EXCEPT that a
>    Ctrl-SPC suspends emacs, i.e. it is equivalent to susupend-emacs
>    instead of setting the mark EVEN if I explicitly set it inside emacs
>    indicating that bash (the cygwin shell) is capturing the Ctrl-spc before
>    emacs.
>The same behavior with xterm is exhibited with rxvt of Cygwin.
>Any help or pointers are appreciated.
>       --Khalid

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