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Re: info and dir.old

From: Mike Ballard
Subject: Re: info and dir.old
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 04:11:25 GMT
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On Sat Nov 15, Ian Zimmerman disturbed my nap when he said:

> Mike> Never mind.  I'm using gentoo which has a tool named "emerge" for
> Mike> installing source code.  One of its last steps when doing so is,
> Mike> for some (inexplicable?) reason, renaming my top-level dir (found
> Mike> evidently by parsing INFOPATH).
> Does the code you're installing perhaps include some Info manuals?

Functionally it doesn't matter since I don't want it renaming my top-level
dir whether I did or didn't just install some source that had Info files.

But to answer your question, I just emerge'd some xcursors and when emerge
finished it said "Regenerating GNU info directory index."  Checked my
personal top-level dir before and after and it renamed it (I don't
see/can't image Info files for xcursors).  I don't understand python so
commenting the offending line may lose me something I don't want to lose.
I'll find out how to file bugs and file one on this.  Since I only use
Info from emacs I may just shorten my shell INFOPATH to get around it for

Incidentally, I have "emacs" in my USE var so this regeneration may be
something I get because of it (I see nothing else in my USE var that would
indicate possible Info-related stuff).


  "Roses are red, violets are blue,
   I'm schizophrenic and so am I"

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