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Re: OT: How to set up a computers with GNU/Linux for grandparents

From: Raimund Kohl-Fuechsle
Subject: Re: OT: How to set up a computers with GNU/Linux for grandparents
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 14:07:45 +0100

Dan Anderson <> wrote:

> This should really be labeled as OT.  However...
> > a. How do you set up a computer with GNU/Linux for grandparents?...
> > b. How do you set up computers with GNU/Linux for elderly seniors?...
> 95% of the ease of use of any operating system is familiarity.  If you
> set up a computer with KDE and an auto-login feature, provide each
> senior with their own account, and teach them how to use Mozilla for web
> browsing and Yahoo Mail for mail they'll learn it just as easily as any
> other operating system.
> However, it has been my experience that when you put people on a
> non-windows based operating system they run into problems because they
> are going to go to /you/ for help.  This is important to remember.  How
> much is your time worth?

Damned!  That is true!  I all of a sudden face that situation:  A good
friend of mine, an elderly lady in her late 70's, has gotten a computer
as a birthday present ... with MS XP ... and of course without a legal
copy!  It took her two days to either catch up with a virus or
unconsciously blowing off her settings.  First idea that came to my mind
was exactly what you said here:  Kick XP, use SuSE, KDE and konqueror
and everything should be fine.  But, yes, you are right:  It won't take
long until she will run into other problems.  Whom will she ask?  Also:
As far as I know literaly all books for seniors are based on a MS

Hmm.  I will have to think that over.  Thank you for that thought!


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