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key (re)binding

From: Sébastien Kirche
Subject: key (re)binding
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 17:30:29 +0100

Hi all,

It seems that several keypad keys are not or partially defined on my osx. e.g: the divide key beeps when pressed, and C-h k says "<kp-divide> is undefined.

To resolve that, i have added the following in .emacs:
(global-set-key (kbd "<kp-divide>") "/")
but this only insert a divide signe, i would prefer something that defines that "kp-divide is divide key"...
Because if i press then a C-/ on keypad, it is undefined too...
Do i have to add another global-set-key for Ctrl (and another one for Meta) ?

Second (maybe related to former): i have just noticed that neither C-kp-home nor C-kp-end, C-kp-prior, C-kp-next are defined; but C-h k with home says for example :
,----[ C-h k <home> ]
| <home> (translated from <kp-home>) runs the command beginning-of-line
|    which is an interactive built-in function.
| It is bound to C-a, <home>.
| (beginning-of-line &optional N)
| [...]
And so on for other keypad keys...
By which means kp-home is getting "translated" ? why doesn't it work with modifier keys ?

Thanks for help
Sébastien Kirche

E pluribus UNIX

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