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Re: Diff on Emacs

From: LEE Sau Dan
Subject: Re: Diff on Emacs
Date: 17 Nov 2003 18:46:26 +0100
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>>>>> "Juri" == Juri Linkov <> writes:

    Juri> Jasen <xx@yy.zz> writes:
    >> There are many diff*.el and ediff*.el files in ../lisp/
    >> directory so isn't diff a standard built-in function for emacs?

    Juri> To compare two buffers you can use Emacs function
    Juri> `compare-windows' from compare-w.el which now implements a
    Juri> simple diff algorithm.  Instead of line by line output of
    Juri> the 'diff' program, `compare-windows' provides differences
    Juri> character by character which produces more fine-grained
    Juri> results than the 'diff' program.

M-x  ediff-buffers gives  you a  diff output  that can  be  refined to
character-based diff.

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