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Re: browse url function and w3m

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: browse url function and w3m
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 12:15:27 -0700
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Harry Putnam wrote:

Kevin Rodgers <> writes:
Try setting w3m-pop-up-windows to nil and w3m-popup-frames to t.  Or add
"*w3m*" to special-display-buffer-names.

Well, the first part fails:

M-:  (setq w3m-pop-up-windoes nil) <RET>
M-:  (setq w3m-pop-up-frames t) <RET>

Note: -windows, not -windoes.

Then `browse-url-of-file' still retrieves the content of html file to *w3m* buffer.
From *Messages*:
  The content (file:/var/www/html/index.html) has been retrieved in

You didn't ask for it to be retrieved into a different buffer, just for
the *w3m* buffer to be selected.

M-: (setq special-display-buffer-names "*w3m*") Above is ASTERISKw3mASTERISK
or (setq special-display-buffer-names "w3m")
  no asterisks

Neither of those cause the buffer to be displayed either.  It stll
shows up in *w3m* undisplayed.

M-: (setq special-display-buffer-names ' "*w3m*") Doesn't do it either.

Finally: Eval: (set-default special-display-regex (w3m)) <RET>

Actually works but causes an error too.
eval: Wrong type argument: symbolp, "w3m"

I'm having serious trouble getting the lisp right.

special-display-buffer-names is a list of strings:

(setq special-display-buffer-names
      (cons "*w3m*" special-display-buffer-names))

Kevin Rodgers

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