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how to make dired-do-rename more friendly?

From: leo
Subject: how to make dired-do-rename more friendly?
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 13:52:50 +1100

hi there

i use dired a lot and rename works ok, but it would be handy to copy the
existing name by default into the minibuffer or at least do it with a quick
mini-buffer key stroke.

example: sitting on the file
i invoke dired-do-rename (by key "R") and get a minibuffer just with:
and i want some easy to get to
so that i can quickly change it to:

at the moment it might quite some tab-completion if you have other files
with names like my-other-text, my-text-other, my-text-with-other, etc...

any ideas? are there some custom-vars or hidden key-stroke which could be
helpful? or is there an additional package recommendable?

thanks a lot, leo

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