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Re: keyboard problem

From: Daniel R. Anderson
Subject: Re: keyboard problem
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 17:44:28 GMT
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> Someone I know has got a problem to use 
> C-SPC to activate marking.
> It does not seem to appear in the keymap.

        Do you mean to say that when you pres C-h c C-SPC it says that
C-SPC isn't bound to the function to set the mark, or that it does not
visually appear  to be highlighting the  mark?  Can you  C-SPC and C-x
C-x to the other side of  the mark?  Try M-x transient-mark-mode .  If
that fixes you can call it in your .emacs with something like:

(transient-mark-mode t) ;; i think


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