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Re: key binding two commands

From: Kester Clegg
Subject: Re: key binding two commands
Date: 21 Nov 2003 11:50:59 +0000
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Reiner Steib <> writes:

> But a better solution IMHO would be to advice `TeX-command-master':
> (defadvice TeX-command-master (around rs-TeX-command-master-save activate)
>   "Save buffer before `TeX-command-master'"
>   (message "Saving buffer")
>   (save-buffer)
>   ad-do-it)
> Bye, Reiner.

Excellent - thanks for that.

Kester Clegg                            Dept. of Computer Science,
Research Assistant (UTC)                University of York, 
Tel (01904) 43 27 49                    email: kester at

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