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Re: I can't use emacs's help system! Pls help me.

From: sebyte
Subject: Re: I can't use emacs's help system! Pls help me.
Date: 21 Nov 2003 08:56:30 -0800


It's not so long ago that I was struggling with the basics too.  The
learning curve is steep but it's well worth it believe me, and I
haven't even begun to scratch the surface really.  I simply haven't
got the time.  Anyway, I know enough to help you with your question.

Each time you start emacs it looks for and reads your 'init file' if
it finds it.  'init' is short for 'initialisation'.  This must be
called '.emacs', ('dot emacs'),  and it must also be located in your
home directory.  You won't have one unless you've customised emacs in
some way, (using the customisation buffers, 'Esc-x customize <RET>' ),
or you've found this out and written one yourself already, i.e., emacs
does not create a default dot emacs automatically.

So start up a text editor, emacs itself will do if you've sussed out
how to write and save text files, and write this one line, exactly as
it appears, and then save it as '.emacs' in your home directory.  Then
quit emacs and start it up again and you should be flying...

        (define-key global-map "\C-h" 'help-command)

Basically, C-h, (Control-h), is historically the key sequence for
'backspace delete'.   A lot of people do the opposite to what your
doing and define C-h as 'backspace delete', because they are used to
it, (it also 'fits in' with the other emacs cursor navigation key
sequences), and define another key sequence, ('C-x ?' is quite
common), as their 'help command'.

Hope this helps.  Let us know how you get on...


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