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Re: Need help customizing GNUs

From: Johan Bockgård
Subject: Re: Need help customizing GNUs
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 20:15:27 +0100
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Dan Anderson <> writes:

> 1. Changing the Organization: You'll notice that on this article
> that my organization is listed as Road Runner. I think GNUS saw that
> my cable modem is via Road Runner or something, but I'd like to
> change it. Does anybody know the variable I need to setq in my .gnus
> to change my organization?

message-user-organization. It's "Gnus", btw.

> 2. Signatures: I know there is a way to change signatures based upon
> the news group. Can anybody point me to a good resource on this?

The manual, (info "(gnus)Posting Styles").

> 3. [...] Also, is it possible to hit a few keys and change the from
> and reply-to lines from the header on reply?

> 4. I see people doing some nifty box thing. Can anybody point me to
> the function to do this?

Look for boxquote.el

> 5. Is it possible to tell GNUs /NOT/ to expire my old mail messages,
> or -- better yet -- to archive them somewhere?

(info "(gnus)Expiring Mail")

    This bears repeating one more time, with some spurious
    capitalizations: IF you do NOT mark articles as EXPIRABLE, Gnus
    will NEVER delete those ARTICLES.

Why did you think it would? (You're not the first.)

Johan Bockgård

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