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Extending html-helper-mode for Coldfusion

From: Rick Crawford
Subject: Extending html-helper-mode for Coldfusion
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 14:54:11 GMT
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I'm a coldfusion developer, and I use GNU Emacs as my editor.  After
much searching I've come to the conclusion that (surprisingly) there
doesn't seem to be a major mode with coldfusion support.  This isn't a
big problem since coldfusion is a tag-based language embedded within
html and html-helper-mode can help a lot.  

But I've found that I'd like to extend html-helper-mode with support
for coldfusion tags.  I'm a newcomer to lisp, but I'm really having
fun getting my feet wet.  Anyway, I started to dig in and add
coldfusion support to html-helper-mode.el.  Then I looked at the beta
for html-helper-mode ( and
noticed that it has added support for a user-extensible tag database.

I want to add more than tag support to html-helper-mode, though.  I'd
like to allow users to add certain variables to their .emacs so that,
for instance, the DATASOURCE attribute of a CFQUERY tag would be
filled in by his application-specific datasource.  And eventually I'd
like to add CFSCRIPT support (which is a lot like javascript).

Anyway, since I'm so new at this, I wanted to get some advice before I
continue.  Should I use the beta of html-helper-mode and its
extensible tag support, despite the fact that it seems that this beta
has been neglected for some years?  Will that be powerful enough for
coldfusion developers' needs?  Any thoughts?

Thank you,



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