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Re: color-moccur -- multi-buffer occur mode

From: Akihisa
Subject: Re: color-moccur -- multi-buffer occur mode
Date: 25 Nov 2003 19:09:39 -0800

Stefan Monnier <> wrote
> You might want to take a look at the Emacs-CVS code where occur.el
> has been expanded with some kind of multi-occur thingy.
> I haven't looked at your code and neither have I looked at the multi-occur
> thingy in Emacs-CVS, so maybe they have nothing in common other than their
> name, tho.

I didn't know that... So I tried out multi-occur.
I think multi-occur is similar to moccur of color-moccur,
but color-moccur has many advantages.


  - color-moccur:M-x moccur regexp
  - multi-occur:M-x multi-occur buffer-name1 buffer-name2... regexp
  I have to type buffer-names to search in multi-occur. But I'm too
  lazy to type buffer-names.


  multi-occur shows *Occur* buffer. If I'd like to display the
  occurrence, I have to type "C-c C-c C-x o" many times. If I use
  color-moccur, just type only "j" or "cursor key".


  To search "(defun multi-occur (" and "(defun moccur (", I have to
  type "defun.+occur". In color-moccur (if moccur-split-word is non-nil),
  just type "defun occur".

Other functions

  dmoccur:open files and run moccur. It's very powerful. You can set a
  name and a directory to search (or directories), defalut regexp (or
  function to make regexp), to recursively search. It's easy to search
  time-string or files in deep directory tree.
  But it's complicated to customize.

  dired-do-moccur, Buffer-menu-moccur, ibuffer-do-occur

Akihisa Matsushita :

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