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Re: How do I check the latest version of Emacs out of CVS?

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: How do I check the latest version of Emacs out of CVS?
Date: 26 Nov 2003 08:13:03 +0200

> Newsgroups:
> From: Dan Anderson <>
> Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 03:47:45 GMT
> cvs login
> cvs checkout emacs
>         So,  like I was  told I  ran those  two commands  in sequence.
> However, I didn't see any files in my CVSROOT, when I ran as both root
> and an underpriviledged user.  At first all it did was output a number
> of Us  followed by file names.

That U means "Updated"--CVS tells you that this file was sent to your
local disk by the CVS server.  The file should be under the `emacs'
subdirectory of the directory where you invoked the "cvs checkout"

> After that it just output a sequence like:
> ,----[ Just an example of all of the files
> | cvs server: Updating emacs/man
> | cvs server: Updating emacs/msdos
> | cvs server: Updating emacs/notes
> | cvs server: Updating emacs/nt
> `--------------------------------------------

That's because there's nothing to update, once you've checked out the
CVS tree, and as long as no new code is checked in by some developer.

>         What am I doing wrong

Nothing.  You should now have the CVS code checked out on your disk.

> and why don't I see any files when I ls my CVSROOT directory?

Where is your CVSROOT directory?

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