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Re: Q: status of EmacsNT 21.3 binaries

From: Eric Pement
Subject: Re: Q: status of EmacsNT 21.3 binaries
Date: 26 Nov 2003 08:26:00 -0800

Eli Zaretskii <> wrote in message 
> > From: (Eric Pement)
> > Newsgroups:
> > Date: 24 Nov 2003 19:28:11 -0800
> > 
> > I've been waiting for the GNU Emacs 21.3 binaries for WinNT to be
> > released for quite some time, and the ftp sites at GNU org and the
> > mirrors still do not have anything available, except the promise that
> > it's coming RSN (Real Soon Now).
[ ... ]

> This isn't the proper place to post this.  The problem lies with the
> sysadmins, as the tarballs were prepared by the NTEmacs
> maintainer several weeks ago, but mere mortals are not allowed to put
> things on, for fear of malicious hackers.
> So I suggest you post this on or write directly
> to Richard Stallman <>.  He would then prod the
> sysadmins, I hope.

I did write to RMS, and he replied promptly but tersely that he
doesn't have anything to do with making or distributing Windows
binaries. He didn't say who *does* distribute those binaries.

However, your reference to the bug-gnu-emacs email address got me
thinking, so I visited the gnu.emacs.bug newsgroup, and found this
message posted yesterday by Kevin Rodgers:

Jason Rumney sent me the precompiled Windows binaries for Emacs 21.3:

       4402129 Nov 11 00:07 emacs-21.3-barebin-i386.tar.gz
      13842323 Nov 11 00:55 emacs-21.3-bin-i386.tar.gz
      19473545 Nov 11 00:06 emacs-21.3-fullbin-i386.tar.gz
       3993557 Nov 11 00:06 emacs-21.3-leim.tar.gz
       7138900 Nov 11 00:04 emacs-21.3-lisp.tar.gz
       1854180 Nov 11 00:06 emacs-21.3-undumped-i386.tar.gz

and I put them on  He already sent
signatures to the maintainers list.


Thanks, Kevin and Eli, for your help with my question. I got the file.

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