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CVS Bug? Losing auto save files

From: Dan Anderson
Subject: CVS Bug? Losing auto save files
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 04:29:46 GMT
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        I'm  following  the CVS  version  of  Emacs.   My ssh  session
crashed, and I M-x recover-file to the  file.  But I had a copy of the
file open,  so I get  an error  like "can't work  on the file".   So I
close the file and  try to recover file it and no  dice -- the recover
file was deleted.

A) Is there any way to get back my work?
B) Is this  a bug or was I  just really dumb to open  the file without
recovering it?
C) Is there a gnusgroup for bugs / CVS emacs so I don't need to bother
people here??



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