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Re: How to pronouncd "Emacs"?

From: Brad Collins
Subject: Re: How to pronouncd "Emacs"?
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 11:44:19 +0700
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Pascal Bourguignon <> writes:

> [snip] Indeed, some hackers find EMACS too
> heavyweight and baroque for their taste.... 


Hmmmm. Or perhaps a Greek Tragedy?

You *could* think of Emacs as a sort of labyrinth, with info and help
features acting as Ariadne's thread leading to Richard Stallman at the
center playing the Minotaur!  Except in the Emacs version we never
quite reach the center because Theseus keeps getting sidetracked,
customizing the labyrinth as he goes along, changing the lighting,
adding new passages and creating shortcuts between tunnels....


Brad Collins
Chenla Labs
Bangkok, Thailand

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