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Re: How get Microsoft Office style FOLDER TABS in Emacs?

From: Christian Seberino
Subject: Re: How get Microsoft Office style FOLDER TABS in Emacs?
Date: 28 Nov 2003 12:13:39 -0800


Thanks,  This looks very useful.  Is there any way to do the
same thing without the mouse and/or redefine mouse buttons
that make this happen??? e.g. right mouse button without


Galen Boyer <> wrote in message 
> On 26 Nov 2003, wrote:
> > I like M$ Office's idea of having NAMES of files visible at
> > bottom of window like a folder tab.  If you want to switch
> > buffers you just have to mouse click on file name desired.
> > 
> > Is it possible to do something like this in Emacs?
> Its a bit too cumbersome to have this happen with Emacs, because
> Emacs allows one to open up as many files as one could want.
> There isn't a scalability issue that one finds with Window's view
> of how things operate.  One thing I used to use, when I was
> looking for that type of functionality though, was
>         Ctrl-LeftClick, or to be more emacs precise,
>         C-down-mouse-1

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