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Re: Editing LaTeX

From: C?dric
Subject: Re: Editing LaTeX
Date: 29 Nov 2003 07:53:21 -0800

David Rasmussen <> wrote in message 
> When editing LaTeX in emacs, I find two things annoying:
> 1) I want emacs not to wrap words at the end of a line, but to put words 
> that don't fit, on the next line
> 2) I want the margin to be smaller than "at the end of the window".
> In other words, I want emacs to help a little bit in making the 
> LaTeX-code more readable. Until now, I've just pressed Enter after every 
> line at appropriate places.

I never pressed enter at the end of the line. Did you try
auto-fill-mode ? The Auctex package has also some formating commands.
If you're interested i write a tutorial (unfortunately in french) on
how to install Latex with Emacs and i give some tips to tune the
system. For example what can be interesting to edit tex file in your
.emacs. Take a look at You'll find
my toturial (the one in french) and another good site in english.


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