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Mode for Manuscripts?

From: gebser
Subject: Mode for Manuscripts?
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 15:53:54 -0500 (EST)

     Yeah, it's a funny way to format text, but it's the format required 

for manuscript submissions to publishers. Since emacs is such a great 

editor, perhaps the best on the planet, I'm sure there is a mode already

constructed for this sort of format you see here in the body of this


     Here are the specifications explicitly stated: Text must be

double-spaced. Owing to the need for margins, text should wrap. There 

should be one space, not two, between sentences. Automatic tabs to 

indicate breaks between paragraphs. I think by this they mean a ^I 

character must begin a paragraph. Use regular double spaces between 

paragraphs (as you see at the beginning of the current paragraph. Use

only one space, not two spaces, between sentences.

     So does such a mode already exist for emacs? Of course I'd want C-n

and C-p to move the cursor to a text line and not to a blank line in

between text lines. I know that "pr -d" will do the double-spacing for

me after I write up the whole thing, but it would be nicer for emacs to

do the double-spacing for me as I go along. The M-a and M-e keys should

get me to the beginning and end of sentences and M-q should reformat 

stuff I screw up by editing.

     Finally, it would be best to have a separate (minor?) mode for this

sort of format-- this so I would have to set and unset a lot of 

variables every time I go in and out of editing in this mode.

     Any help or tips would be very much appreciated.


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