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Setting up Emacs as the default editor

From: Dan Anderson
Subject: Setting up Emacs as the default editor
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 17:02:56 GMT
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        I am trying  to set up Emacs so it will  be the default editor
on my system --  as oppossed to Vile.  So I added  the following in my
machines /etc/bashrc:

,----[ in my /etc/bashrc:
| EDITOR=emacs
| export EDITOR

        So I decided to try it out with crontab.  I typed crontab -e
and wrote a new crontab, typed C-x C-s, and C-x C-c.  The file was
saved, but my crontab remained empty.  Is this an issue with the way
that emacs is set up on my system, or is it a crontab issue?

Thanks in advance,


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