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[Help-gsl] compile with static GSL(1.4) libraries: G++(3.3) OS X(10.3.5)

From: John Gehman
Subject: [Help-gsl] compile with static GSL(1.4) libraries: G++(3.3) OS X(10.3.5)
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 14:37:30 +1100

Hello All,

I'm having some problems sorting out compiling problems: I tried to provide my boss with an executable (which uses GSL) that I compiled on my OS X (10.3.5) iBook (via g++ -o myprogram -lgsl -lgslcblas mycode.c, and works fine on my machine); she also has a recent iBook, although I'm not certain it's the same OS X version/update. The error she gets trying to run it says something to the effect of "can't find libgsl.o.dylib ..." I presume this means that I need to include static versions of the gsl libraries when compiling, and I can't work out how.

I've tried:
--including the -static flag {and get "/var/tmp//ccetJK2B.s:1328:FATAL:incompatible feature used: directive .non_lazy_symbol_pointer (must specify "-dynamic" to be used)" } --recompiling my gsl-1.4 with "./configure --disable-shared" , but the executables are exactly the same size following compiling. The -static flag does the same thing as before. --including the explicit libgsl.a and libgslcblas.a paths as just more source code when compiling, and I get ld: Undefined symbols: then a list of every gsl function and construct I use. --including the explicit and paths as well and get ld: /usr/local/lib/ bad magic number (not a Mach-O file) (and same for libgslcblas).
--including -static-libgcc (no effect)

Obviously I'm flailing, trying an incoherent smattering of all the little snippets I can find that appear to address the issue. Has anybody compiled code on their machine and ran it elsewhere (where gsl was not loaded)? How?

Thank You!

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