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[Help-gsl] Help: working with large gsl_vector

From: Toan T Nguyen
Subject: [Help-gsl] Help: working with large gsl_vector
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 00:02:49 -0800
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I'm using the multidimensional minimization procedure in GSL and have problem 
with large vectors. The dimensionality of my vectors is 300000 which means my 
index variable is of long integer type. gsl_vector, however, works only with 
size_t (4 bytes) type only. I couldnot even call gsl_vector_alloc(300000) .  
It says:

gsl: init_source.c:29: ERROR: vector length n must be positive integer
Default GSL error handler invoked.

Can somebody here give an advice? I'm quite new to GSL and I search the 
mailing list archives but could not find an answer?

For clarity, my system is an Athlon64 using SuSE x86_64, gcc 3.3.3

Thanks a lot in advance,


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