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re: [Help-gsl] Build using MKS tool for Windows

From: tim
Subject: re: [Help-gsl] Build using MKS tool for Windows
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 12:52:29 -0500

Hello, everyone,

I have found that using the information here:

and downloading is a promising route to take.
I tried to create a DLL using other information on the web but to
no avail; most of the information was incomplete or so it seemed to
me. This might be because I'm new to C and gnu tools, and maybe others 
take concepts for granted that I would know nothing about.

I have created a dll for pow_int using this approach and... it works!

DLL created under MinGW (excellent tools) and called from WinBatch.

Now for the whole library...

Cheers, Tim

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