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[Help-gsl] LM nolin fit problem

From: Jim Cadien
Subject: [Help-gsl] LM nolin fit problem
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 09:45:50 -0700
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I have gsl 1.6 built and installed. I have obtained the example program for th LM nonlin fit from the documentation. It runs as expected. I have modified the section which creates the sample data, and have read two FITS files to obtain my data. Other changes include the function to be fitted, and the derivatives, number of points and number of parameters. There is no problem compiling, but when it runs, I get an error, occuring on the call to

gsl_multifit_fdfsolver_set (s, &f, &x.vector);

gsl: vector_source.c:45: ERROR: index out of range
Default GSL error handler invoked.

I slightly modified the vector_source.c code to have it print the values i and v.size. The number of points in my data is 15. The value of v.size is 15, but i=3542. I really have no idea what i represents, and therefore no idea what it should be or how it got to be that value.

Does anyone here have suggestions? I could post my code if needed. Thanks.


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