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[Help-gsl] malloc error

From: Stefan Bernhard
Subject: [Help-gsl] malloc error
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 13:16:16 +0200


I do use a nonlinear root solver for one equation which is called several times in a loop j<J, which is inside a loop
m_itr<M wich is inside a loop ntr<N. The code looks like this

for (int ntr=0; ntr<N;ntr++)
for (int m_itr=0; m_itr<M;m_itr++)
for (int jtr=0; jtr<J;jtr++)

// upper and lower bound                
m_ddelta_lo = 1e-14;
m_ddelta_hi = 0.9*m_ppdRad[m_itr][2][jtr];
m_dpart = m_pgenPar->m_dnu*m_dX/(m_ppdad[m_itr][2][jtr]*m_ppdux[m_itr][2][jtr]);

BLA_params params = {m_dpart, m_ppdad[m_itr][2][jtr], m_ppdLp[m_itr][2][jtr],m_ppdRad[m_itr][2][jtr]*m_ppdZetax[m_itr][2][jtr] , m_dC2};

BF.function = &BLA;
BF.params = &params;
BT = gsl_root_fsolver_brent;
bs = gsl_root_fsolver_alloc (BT);
gsl_root_fsolver_set (bs, &BF, m_ddelta_lo, m_ddelta_hi);

m_niter = 0;
m_nstatus = gsl_root_fsolver_iterate (bs);
m_dsol = gsl_root_fsolver_root (bs);
m_ddelta_lo = gsl_root_fsolver_x_lower (bs);
m_ddelta_hi = gsl_root_fsolver_x_upper (bs);
m_nstatus = gsl_root_test_interval (m_ddelta_lo, m_ddelta_hi, m_depsabs, m_depsrel);
while (m_nstatus == GSL_CONTINUE && m_niter < m_niter_max);
m_ppdDeltaS[m_itr][2][jtr] = m_dsol;


The variable declaration was done in a header file and initialisation was done bevore in the .cpp file. However the solver performs well for small N but for larger N it returns the following error Message:

*** malloc: vm_allocate(size=1069056) failed (error code=3)
*** malloc[1374]: error: Can't allocate region
gsl: fsolver.c:44: ERROR: failed to allocate space for root solver state
Default GSL error handler invoked.

My Question is: Does the solver free the memory before it is called again? How can I force the solver to free the memory after each call?

Thak you.

Stefan Bernhard

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