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[Help-gsl] Problem with Brent's method under GSL GnuWin32

From: RK
Subject: [Help-gsl] Problem with Brent's method under GSL GnuWin32
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 21:03:48 -0500

Don't know if this is off-topic here but has anyone had problems
compiling the example for Brent's method of root finding (Section 32.10
of the GSL manual) using Jerry St. Clair's GnuWin32 port of GSL? The
exact problem is an unresolved external named _finite in
function_brent_init on linking. I also see the same problem using the
bisection method except that the erring function is
function_bisection_init. The same problem appears in the fdf solvers too
with the same unresolved external.

I use Visual Studio 2003. I've been able to run other examples
successfully using the static libraries in the port.

Thanks, RK

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