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[Help-gsl] Problem with GSL

From: Mohan R Kalagotla (Student)
Subject: [Help-gsl] Problem with GSL
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 10:42:00 -0600

        This is Mohan Reddy Kalagotla,Research Assisstant at Western  
 Kentucky University.I have faced a problem with GSL.Actually when i  
 am installing Gadget i got an error saying that it cannot open the  
 shared file file.But i do have that file in the GSL  
 Libraries.Could you please help me in getting the problem solved. 
 Mohan Reddy Kalagotla, 
 Research Assisstant, 
 Department of Physics and Astronomy, 
 Western Kentucky University, 
 Bowling Green,KY. 

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