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Re: [Help-gsl] Floating point exception in gsl

From: Inigo Aldazabal Mensa
Subject: Re: [Help-gsl] Floating point exception in gsl
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 16:03:19 +0100
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El Thursday, 1 de March de 2007 03:41, address@hidden escribió:
> Hi:
> My mpi program use ode solver fuction in GSL. This program run OK in
> Dell EM64T Cluster using mpicc 1.2.6 (gcc 3.2.3), and in IA-64 Linux
> Cluster using mpicc 1.2.6 (icc 9.1.046).
> But I get the following problem in Alpha EV7 using cc (HP Tru64 C
> compiler): MPI process 21963 died from signal 8 (Floating point
> exception)
> Does anyone know how to solve it? Thanks.
> Jun


I can not assure it. But I recall something similar happening to me, also 
with a Alpha EV7, and, if I can remember correctly, it was related to the 
IEEE floating-point arithmetic (see the related chapter in the gsl 


#include <gsl/gsl_ieee_utils.h>

to the code solved the problem. This if I am  not mixing up things here, 
which of course could be, knowing myself, ahemm ;-)


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