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[Help-gsl] creating a submatrix from a matrix in a loop

From: George Kalema
Subject: [Help-gsl] creating a submatrix from a matrix in a loop
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 10:36:40 +0100

I am very new to GSL but I would like to do the following.

I have a matrix X of dimension [N by P]. This matrix contains data for
K subjects
meaning that there are K submatrices  of dimension [ni by P] in matrix X. I
would like to take each of these submatrices Xi from X and use it for
computation in a loop.

                int begin = 1;
for (i =0; i < K; i++)    // loop for each subject
ni = freq[ i ];  // freq is a vector containing the number of rows of each
submatrix for subject i
                        endi = begin + ( ni - 1 );  //counter for taking me
to the end of the submatrix for subject i.

               gsl_matrix * Xi       = gsl_matrix_alloc(ni, p);

for (k = begin; k <= endi; k++)
for ( j = 0; j < p; j++)
                               gsl_matrix_view Xi = gsl_matrix_submatrix
(gsl_matrix * X, N, P, ni, P); ????????
                begin = endi + 1;    /* go to next subject's sub matrix */

How do I use gsl_matrix to do this?

Thank you for helping


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