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[Help-gsl] fourier integral using QAWF

From: Shuman Serle
Subject: [Help-gsl] fourier integral using QAWF
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 10:15:36 +0200


I'm testing the use of QAWO integration to perform my fourier integration 
because FFT is not suitable as I need more input points (which are 
computationally had to generate) to get the same accuracy.

In order to see if QAWO does the job, I test my code on the block function of 
the FFT example in the gsl manual. I then print the frequency space result 
which looks correct. Then when I try to invert the result to see how close I am 
to the original block function, I get the gsl error GSL_EDIVERGE.  I've checked 
the code and it seems that I'm following the right approach i.e. call 
gsl_integration_qawo_table_set in a loop for each omega value then do the 
integration & save the result for the given omega. Has anyone tested this?

The other issue that I have is that I do not fully understand (not clear from 
the manual) :

what n should be set to in: gsl_integration_qawo_table_alloc

what limit should be set to in int gsl_integration_qawo

in order to get a certain accuracy. Say I have the region from [0, 100] if I 
think the minimum quadrature interval should be 1e-6, what do I set n and limit 
to. They seem to be correlated.

Serle Shuman

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