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[Help-gsl] Hasard library (random number generators)

From: Victor Stinner
Subject: [Help-gsl] Hasard library (random number generators)
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 01:29:12 +0200
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I wrote a small library to generate (pseudo) random number using differents 
algorithms (eg. Mersenne Twister, Arcfour, ISAAC, etc.). The goals are:

 * simple API avoiding common mistakes (eg. rand()%10)
 * safe: seed the generator using good quality entropy, reentrant function
   (thread safe), reseed the engine at fork, etc.
 * well tested

Hasard reuses existing libraries like GSL, OpenSSL, gcrypt, GMP and glib. For 
example, you can use GSL to generate random numbers and OpenSSL to seed GSL 

I would like to know if GSL developers would be interested by this library. I 
see that GSL RNG are not seeded. Is it a choice? Hasard always initialize a 
RNG using a random seed.

Hasard can be used to initialize a GSL RNG, or maybe as a RNG "backend"?

Before sending patches, I first would like to know if you would be interesed 
by such idea.

The library works on Linux / FreeBSD / Windows on 32 / 64 bits CPU. It's 
written in C and distributed under BSD license.


Note: Hasard is still under development, the API may change before 
      the final version (1.0).

Victor Stinner aka haypo

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