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[Help-gsl] 2D interpolation (again)

From: David Zaslavsky
Subject: [Help-gsl] 2D interpolation (again)
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 18:25:09 -0500


I've looked at the documentation and I don't see any API for 2D (bilinear,
bicubic, etc.) interpolation in either GSL itself or the supplementary
libraries listed on the web page. Am I missing something, or does this
capability actually not exist in the library? I see that there was some
discussion on this list about adding this functionality back in 2008, but
the link to download the code is broken and I can't find a mirrored copy

If there is no code existing, I'd be happy to package up my own bilinear
interpolation code as a library and release it, if that would be
appropriate. It builds on the existing 1D interpolation routines so it
should be easy to use along with regular GSL. I don't want to duplicate
something that already exists, though.

I'm new to this list so I apologize if this is out of place or anything
like that.

:) David

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