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[Help-gsl] How to calculate integral of a b-spline?

From: Iryna Feuerstein
Subject: [Help-gsl] How to calculate integral of a b-spline?
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2012 15:58:43 +0100
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I need to calculate an integral of the following type:

\int f(x)*B(i,k)(x) dx,

where B(i,k) is a basis spline of the degree k  with a De Boor point i.

I took a look at gls numerical integration functions, and I've already used the gsl basis splines. But I have no idea, if the construction of the above-mentioned integral is possible with the gsl functions.

The computation of the b-spline functions requires a gsl_bspline_workspace. I know, that it is possible to calculate the values of all allocated b-splines at the point x with the function gsl_bspline_eval, but is there some way to extract the i-th b-spline as a function from the bspline_workspace, so that I could use it for the integration?

Could somebody please help me with this problem?

Yours faithfully,

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