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[Help-gsl] question about gsl_eigen_symm

From: Wu Degang
Subject: [Help-gsl] question about gsl_eigen_symm
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2012 15:56:52 +0800
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The manual says that, in the computation of the function " int gsl_eigen_symm (gsl matrix * A, gsl vector * eval, gsl_eigen_symm_workspace * w)", "The diagonal and lower triangular part of A are destroyed during the computation, but the strict upper triangular part is not referenced".

Suppose I use gsl_eigen_symm to compute the eigenvalues, and then I want to modify (gsl matrix*)A and compute the eigenvalues again. After the 1st calculation, do I have to use gsl_matrix_alloc for the matrix A again before I do the 2nd calculation?

-- Wu

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