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Re: [Help-gsl] Linear System Solve

From: Rhys Ulerich
Subject: Re: [Help-gsl] Linear System Solve
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 10:15:52 -0500

>> > Suppose we have A of size 9x2 and b of size 9x1
>> > How would I solve Ax = b for x using GSL? Which method to use?

>> Probably gsl_linalg_QR_lssolve.  You can read up on the QR routines at

> That's what I'm looking into and although it seems I've supposedly followed
> the correct steps, it still complains:
> gsl: qr.c:112: ERROR: QR matrix must be square

qr.c:112 is within the routine gsl_linalg_QR_solve and not the routine
gsl_linalg_QR_lssolve.  I expect the former to complain about
nonsquare matrices.  Try calling the latter.

- Rhys

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