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[Help-gsl] multidimensional minimization

From: Gideon Simpson
Subject: [Help-gsl] multidimensional minimization
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 16:39:50 -0500

I'm studying a problem where I have a potential V(x,y), a function of two 
variables, and I know that it is globally bounded from below and has three 
local minima.  What I would like to do is identify the basins of attraction for 
each of the three minima.  If I use a naive, crude, steepest descent algorithm, 
not the one in library, but a true:

xn = xn-1 - dt grad V(xn-1)

I get what I'm after, though it takes more iterations than it should.  When I 
try to use the algorithms in the library, my basins are inconsistent.  I think 
this has to do with the adaptive selection of the step size, but I'm not 
entirely sure on how to control it.  Is there a way to set a max step size in 
the algorithms?


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