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[Help-gsl] Different value for mathieu_ce in Mathematica and GSL

From: Phyks
Subject: [Help-gsl] Different value for mathieu_ce in Mathematica and GSL
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2017 16:53:27 +0100
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I have some code that I prototyped in Mathematica and am now writing in C using GSL, that makes use of Mathieu functions. I have different results between the two of them, and I cannot figure out whether this is a bug in GSL, Mathematica or simply some misunderstanding from my part.

I am using `MathieuC` function in latest Mathematica ( which should be the same function as `gsl_sf_mathieu_ce` ( except that the former one takes a single `a` argument being the characteristic value whereas the GSL 2.3 implementation takes the order `n` and the `q` parameter directly.

So, I guess,
N[MathieuC[MathieuCharacteristicA[0, -1], -1, 2*Pi/180]]

should be equivalent to
gsl_sf_mathieu_ce(0, -1.0, 2.0 * M_PI / 180.0)
which gives a totally different value: 0.99751942347886335.

I tried to debug with different values, and the discrepancies between Mathematica and GSL seems to appear only when the `q` parameter (-1.0 here) is negative. If I take 1.0 instead, I get values in agreement. I tried to find yet another implementation to debug it, and found Scipy ( which relies on Fortran SPECFUN library apparently, and is in agreement with GSL.

I am missing something? Thanks!

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