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Some things to be aware of for docs

From: Esteban Enrique
Subject: Some things to be aware of for docs
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2016 14:33:47 -0500
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I am a relative newcomer to GNU/Linux (4 years around) and I have been wanting to use GuixSD for the past weeks but I have been having trouble. I think this is due to unclear documents for beginners (like myself).

 First, formatting the drive. I have some experience with Arch Linux, so I had a general sense  of how to use fdisk. However, for the vast majority of those who don't know about this, there could be a link or a self-contained explanation that goes through the process of formatting the disk.

Next, (I think this has been in the works, but I am not sure) there needs to be a reminder to run the command 'guix pull' before installation to avoid any problems.

Finally, there could be a quick note which explains the slow download and installation from hydra.

Overall, the documentation needs work, and I have yet to successfully install GuixSD. I will be trying again soon and reporting problems from an experienced beginner's perspective. This will hopefully make the project more beginner friendly. (Note I do not use the term user-friendly (I hate the term), because it does not need to be user-friendly, just welcoming to those that are willing to take the time to learn what is up).

There are more things that need help, but those are the ones I saw lacking most. How often are the docs updated by the way?

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