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Switching to GuixSD - some packages missing for me

From: Divan Santana
Subject: Switching to GuixSD - some packages missing for me
Date: Fri, 06 May 2016 23:09:03 +0200

I'd love to try out and properly switch to GuixSD.

I've always been a huge Arch fan, and lately Parabola but there are many
things that look great about GuixSD.

Glad to see this distro and the work going on here.

I know it's still in early early dev stage but a few blocker packages
preventing me to switch are:

1) virt-manager - Since I may rely on a few VMs more as GuixSD has
limited packages for now. Unless there is another easy way to run VMs?
I'm not too familar with using qemu directly...

2) Davmail is GPL, would be nice if it was packaged. For Exchange email

3) Gajim omemo support is nice to have too.

4) parcellite clipboard. Unless there is another good clipboard program
in the repos? (without pulling in too many deps)

5) libpurple and sipe is another nice to have. Bitblee libpurple+sipe
even nicer.

For the most part is seems almost all the essentials for me are there.

Excited to see the progress with the distro. Wish you all the best of
luck and hope one day in the future to get involved - can't at the moment.
Best regards,

Divan Santana

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